About Zack P.C.

Zack, P.C. was founded in 1990 by Gerard (Gerry) Zack. The firm is located just outside Washington, DC in Rockville, Maryland and serves clients within as well as outside North America. Zack, P.C. specializes in providing risk advisory, internal and contract auditing, and anti-fraud services. These services are primarily aimed at:

  • Identifying, understanding, and managing risks in the areas of operations, finance, strategy and compliance
  • Reducing the risk of fraud perpetrated by employees, vendors, agents, and other third parties
  • Ensuring compliance with laws, regulations, or contract provisions
  • Strengthening internal controls
  • Improving employee awareness of ethics and risks through training and codes of conduct
  • Properly investigating and following up on allegations of fraud, noncompliance, and ethics violations

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Zack, P.C. is a very unique firm in that it is a small firm with large-firm capabilities. This capability is achieved as a result of the working relationships we have with other firms and specialists that significantly broaden the scope of services and the size of organization that we are capable of serving. Zack, P.C. can call on this network of trusted partners and assemble a team that is custom-built to serve your organization's needs. We all have a singular focus on client service.

Gerry Zack

All services are provided by or under the immediate supervision of Gerry Zack. Gerry has provided fraud prevention and investigation, internal and external audit, risk management, internal controls consulting, training, and compliance services since 1981. He has worked with organizations of all types and sizes throughout North America, Europe and Asia. In addition to his extensive experience, Gerry has attained recognition as a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE), Certified Internal Auditor (CIA), and Certified Compliance and Ethics Professional (CCEP). In addition to his many years of advising companies, Mr. Zack also served for two years as the Chief Operating and Compliance Officer of an international organization headquartered in Washington, DC.

In addition to his primary role of serving clients, Gerry also serves on the faculty of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE), providing specialized training on fraud prevention, detection and investigation throughout the world. For more information, go to the faculty page at www.ACFE.com. He is also one of only nine individuals recognized as Fellows of the 75,000-member ACFE based on his extensive contributions to the body of knowledge in the anti-fraud field. Gerry has written numerous articles and courses on auditing and fraud, and is the author of three books published by John Wiley & Sons:

  • Financial Statement Fraud: Strategies for Detection and Investigation (2013)
  • Fraud and Abuse in Nonprofit Organizations: A Guide to Prevention and Detection (2003)
  • Fair Value Accounting Fraud: New Global Risks and Detection Techniques (2009)

He is also the author of the ACFE course Uncovering Fraud with Financial and Ratio Analysis and has recently developed a new course Risk Management, Compliance, and Internal Controls, which is available as a private training program for companies through Zack, P.C. Contact Gerry directly for further details.

Mr. Zack is frequently asked to comment on fraud-related matters for newspapers, magazines, television and radio. Examples include interviews for ABC News and Fraud Squad TV. His television interview concerning the collapse of the three largest banks in Iceland at the beginning of the global economic crisis was broadcast nationally in Iceland.

To contact Gerry, send an e-mail to Gerry@zackpc.com.

To follow Gerry on Twitter: @Gerry_Zack

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