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Nonprofit Resource Center, an affiliate of Zack, P.C., was founded in 1990 to provide training, consulting, and electronic resources addressing the unique financial and operational issues of not-for-profit organizations, associations, and NGOs. Resources provided by NRC include:

Public Seminars and Private Training Programs

Since 1990, NRC has become recognized as a provider of some of the most valuable and practical training on the unique accounting, audit, internal control, and financial and risk management issues applicable to nonprofit organizations.

For inquiries about customized, in-house training programs presented for your organization, please use the “contact us” button to submit your inquiry.

Model Accounting and Financial Policies and Procedures

NRC has developed a comprehensive set of policies and procedures that can be customized to provide your organization with a complete accounting and financial policies and procedures manual that addresses all of the key issues faced by your organization. If you already have a policies manual, this tool can be used to update and enhance your manual. Click on the Model Accounting Policies button for a detailed description of this valuable product.

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NRC and Zack, P.C. are operated under the direction of Gerard M. Zack, a Certified Public Accountant, Certified Fraud Examiner, Certified Internal Auditor, and Certified Compliance and Ethics Professional with more than 30 years of experience in serving nonprofit organizations of all types and sizes. Gerard is recognized as one of the nation's foremost authorities on the unique accounting, audit, fraud, internal control, and financial and risk management issues of nonprofit organizations.

More than 20,000 nonprofit financial managers and external auditors and advisors have attended Mr. Zack's public training seminars. In addition, Gerry has provided internal training for more than 50 CPA firms and has spoken at many large industry conferences, such as the AICPA's Not-for-Profit Industry Conference and the Annual Conference of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners. Gerry is author of three books on fraud, including Fraud and Abuse in Nonprofit Organizations: A Guide to Prevention and Detection (published by John Wiley & Sons). He also serves on the faculty of the ACFE and was Chair of the 2015 ACFE Board of Regents.

Gerry has worked with hundreds of nonprofit organizations and NGOs of all types during his 30 years of professional experience. Gerry earned his BSBA from Shippensburg University in Pennsylvania and his MBA from Loyola College in Maryland.

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