Anti-Fraud Services

If fraud, noncompliance, or breaches in codes of conduct are detected, it is important to perform an investigation in a proper manner, one which does not create additional liability for your company. Indeed, many companies have found out the hard way that investigations should only be performed by professionals who are trained and experienced in proper techniques that would withstand any legal scrutiny to which they might be subject later.

As experienced Certified Fraud Examiners, we know how to plan and executive an investigation to treat all parties involved fairly and in accordance with the law, as well as to get to the bottom of the matter being investigated. If your company has been harmed, we will determine and prove this for you.

Zack, P.C.'s investigative services include:

  • Fraud investigations
  • Compliance and ethics investigations
  • Forensic accounting
  • Responding to hotline allegations
  • Expert witness reporting and testimony

Examples of investigative services provided for clients by Zack, P.C. include:

  • Performed an investigation into a series of payroll and expense reimbursement frauds perpetrated by two finance department employees of a large national advocacy organization, resulting in deliver of a report and claims against the two individuals. Subsequently cooperated with and assisted federal law enforcement officials in connection with a criminal investigation.
  • Reconstructed the accounting records of numerous investment companies placed in receivership by a government agency, with the goal being to determine whether fraud or improper lending practices were engaged in by the investment companies, leading to court reporting and negotiation of financial settlements in cases in which fraud or noncompliance was discovered.
  • Investigated a revenue skimming fraud perpetrated by the CFO of a large national fraternal society, resulting in the preparation of an expert witness report and provision of expert witness testimony pertaining to the failure by external audit firm to detect the fraud in connection with their deficiently performed audits.
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